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Evolutionary Somatics



“ A new awareness is emerging through and as us. Even as we struggle with our past and fear for our future, our origin as wholeness is ever-present and our evolution is the realization of sacred pattern.”

Elizabeth Andes-Bell


Evolutionary Somatics: Movement Practices For Toning Your Fascial Body

An innovative movement practice that brings you home to your Self and opens you to a new vision of what is possible.

A mix of our own 80 yrs. (combined) of movement research, yoga, fitness, trauma-informed somatics, physical, emotional and energy healing,

Evolutionary Somatics applies the latest in fascial research and the new science of biotensegrity to help you build a healthier, more youthful body and a more relaxed, positive approach to life.

  • Find new sources of support and ease in the body to help you move fluidly and without pain.

  • Discover how to balance the forces in your body to move with the natural springiness of a child.

  • Root yourself into the felt sense of your living, bio-intelligent core as eternally unfolding.

  • Expand your time-bound sense of self to become life-as-motion, unfolding through time.


 21st Century Fitness




We’ve created a unique line of tensegrity props

and innovatice exercises that help you

experience greater dynamic balance

have more buoyant interaction with gravity

develop increased inner-body motility

move omnidirectionality with your fascial web.



Benefits Of Tensegral Fascial Conditioning

“Moving and breathing with the IKO-ball has added a new dimension of somatic awareness and embodied expression to both me and my clients. The tensegrity architecture of the IKO-ball engenders a non-linear, circular, spontaneous movement that departs from the old paradigms of bio-mechanical alignment. Moreover, I had found that it mobilizes creativity and playfulness in novices and experienced movers alike.

As an opera singer, I had also found that the dynamic and responsive structure of the IKO-ball helps me to expand my ribcage in all axis for a freer breath. I highly recommend the IKO-ball to anybody who seeks to enrich their somatic vocabulary!”

Orit Dahari

Accelerate your personal and physical transformation with enhanced experiential learning at www.iko-fit.com

The Triad of Inner Knowing

“When we really know something, we know it by feeling, not by reason or intellect. The only way we can really know anything is by meeting it in the silence of our Being.”

The Triad of Inner Knowing

is a series of exercises and skills designed to help you widen your window of perception and deepen the dimensions of your embodied experience. It includes The Metrics of Aliveness, our self-assessment guide to help you track your progress. These are the quickest ways we know of to shift your mood and develop a sense of connected well-being.

1) Interoception

We learn to distinguish body sensations from emotions and develop the ability to self-calm, ease pain, and move through difficult feelings. Our self-sense expands to knowing ourselves as Presence, as life-ongoing and as our unity with all…

2) Proprioception

Our ability to perceive and respond to the world around us. Habits and customs leave imprints in our bodies and minds that can dull and narrow our ability to perceive.

As we train this capacity, we move better, age better, respond in space and time more accurately, and make space to grow ourselves anew from a place of belonging.

3) Haptic Perception

The ability to know the world with your whole being, through developing the sense of touch and often with synesthesia (blending the senses). We can train ourselves to expand our latent powers to sense, move and know ourselves and our world through our fascial web. Tiny microtubules of fascial fibers conduct light and carry information allowing you to sense…

Embodied Dialogues



  “Embodied languaging brings the unspoken into the conscious word. That word carries us into the future.” Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen


Embodied Dialogues

Sharing our experiences is a vital part of our journeys as somanauts. Here, we can integrate metanormal experiences and translate them into practical lessons that reshape our lives. It also helps us make safe contact as openness and curiosity, learn to deeply listen and receive beyond words and develop supportive intimate connections.

We practice connecting from a panoramic, soul to soul level, while sitting as the substance of our living bodies. Embodied Dialogues are opportunities to connect with another,  through a simple open-eyed technique. We do them as private sessions and as diads in group settings. 

Embodied Soul Coherency Meditation


Coherency is a state of wholeness. In physics, it refers to waves that are identical in their frequency and phases of peaks and troughs. The embodied experience of coherence is feeling your whole self has landed in the present moment with a sense of weight and abiding calm. You feel your auric kinesphere as an ever-expanding pool of peace.

Elizabeth Andes-Bell



The Coherency Meditation

A chakra-mapping meditation that expands a field of silence from core to distal in all dimensions. 

It makes space for integrated awareness to arise in us. We have developed this over the last 20 years and have taught it to groups and individuals.

Biointelligent Fields don’t stop at our skin. They permeate the space all around us.This meditation explores these transitional spaces, how we occupy them and how we evolve our experience toward wholeness as embodied, coherent and substantive.   

Embodied Soul Biomatrix Healing




“Coherence in the fascial field is created by the unified, interconnected liquid crystalline matrix.”

Libby Outlaw

Embodied Soul Biomatrix Healing

Our fascial network is the bridge between the body’s structure and it’s energy field.

It is a collagen matrix that contains and protects our organismic physical and energy fields.

When optimized, this field vibrates to your coherent, unified signature wave.

Everyone has a different fluid membrane balance in the cellular matrix. This balance gets disrupted with inactivity, repetitive movement, injury, illness, poor diet, stress and many other factors.

Healing is optimized when there is a balance of forces in your fascia. Then your tissues move in gentle pulsation of your signature bio-electric wave.  

The Biomatrix Healing is hands-on or virtual bodywork of feather light touch that reactivates your body’s healing response.







“ Humans can be seen as undulating messengers from the stars. Our bodies contain the memories of all that has been – a historical record of the original swirl, residing now in our fingertips. “

Emilie Conrad, Life on Land


Our signature program and certification course, Emergence is an immersion into a transformative field of co-evolution with Nature. It is  process of knowing ourselves as conscious, self-forming bio-intelligence.

Emergence is for movement professionals, healers, manual therapists, and somatic-psychotherapists as well as anyone longing to begin a powerful, life-changing journey.

  • Develop the flow of your life force as the direct living awareness of soul. 

  • Reroot your sense of self as your signature vibration.

  • Discover your superstability as moving, self-creating equilibrium.

  • Open new channels of perception and flows of bioluminescence. 

  • Tap into the richness of your body as the content for your healing and evolution. 


15 ways embodied interoception empowers you to thrive in our rapidly expanding world

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