Evolutionary Somatics  

Movement Practices For Restoring Life Through Toning Your Fascial Body


(and for Relieving Pain, Trauma and Anxiety)

Elizabeth Andes-Bell

“We don’t know the limits of human transformation but, we do know it begins with feeling safe.”

The health of your fascia plays a major role in relieving pain, trauma and anxiety. It is key in  restoring movement function and wellbeing, but it is also so much more…

Awaken fascial intelligence and explore new frontiers of what it means to be human.

The future is not in Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is in Body Intelligence (BI). Our consciousness and  our sensory capacities have been co-evolving forever! Unresolved physical and emotional injury (personal, ancestral and collective) lives on in us and can arrest the natural development of our growth and awakening.

Who we become and how we intentionally co-create our evolution depends on what we feel and perceive. When we are free of frozen patterns, we restore healthy function and discover emergent cognitive properties in our own miraculous bodies!

Evolutionary Somatics is a practice dedicated to dynamically embodying the change, in ourselves and in our world.

Nature endows us with the ability to be self-arising and self-creating,to shape and reshape ourselves and to carve out lives that sustain us.

From the womb to the tomb, we form our bodies in relationship with the forces acting upon them.

Our existence depends on it and so, we become imprinted with our experience and our suffering.Trauma, systemic injustice and cultural conditioning are just a few things that sever usfrom the formative power of our true nature.

Until it doesn’t. Until we have new relationships with Self, Space and Perception.

The Practice of Evolutionary Somatics awakens your biointelligent core to reshape you as creative life in motion.

Evolutionary Somatics is the product of our life’s work as movers, somatic researchers, energy healers, and program creators in the fields of yoga, fitness and embodiment.

It is based on 40 years of our own movement and healing research. (We once spent a year lying on the floor of our Brooklyn loft searching for the first impulse to move that was not imposed on us by an outside movement technique.)

Evolutionary Somatics synthesizes our work in Cellular Awareness for the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, the Energy Yoga Therapy Foundations Training and The Way of Embodied Soul Experience.

Continuum Movement, Body-Mind Centering, Laban-Barteneiff Fundamentals, trauma-informed practices and applied principles of biotensegrity are also central to the practice.

Healing is reconnecting with our formative power.

Evolution is the flow of new formative information through us.

Learn intuitive, safely-sequenced, embodied experiences to unbind your body,

expand your senses and open your mind.

Translate them into practical ways to integrate change into your life.

Unlock the formative power to heal your pain, anxiety and trauma to move into your future.


Recreate yourself from the inside-out.

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