What Is An Embodied Dialogue?

David Whyte, from Everything is Waiting for You

“…to feel abandoned, is to deny the intimacy of your surroundings.”


Many of us are not sure who we are or what we want anymore. We’re exhausted, anxious and numb inside.

Things are changing so fast. This is a hallmark of the chaos that occurs with systemic change. As we are becoming more aware, in a more complex world, we are longing for more authentic ways of living in ease and guided by our own natural power. We long for a deeper, more intimate connection, with ourselves, each other, and our surroundings.

As Emilie Conrad used to say, “We are being called to become Broadband Virtuosos.”

In Embodied Dialogues, we connect with another, soul to soul through a simple open-eyed technique. These are opportunities to shift out of the habitual ways we relate to others from old patterns such as: the need to control, keep others at a distance, appear perfect, appease etc. They give us the opportunity to see and be seen as we truly are, an unwounded, undying, Self capable of enacting one’s life from intention and purpose while presencing our true power.

They are gifts of guidance from our own deepest knowing.

They teach us to relate to others as the higher awareness we truly are.

Learn to develop the flow of life force within you as your living Self.

Trust the will of your biointelligence guiding your creative energy.

You know that saying, “I feel it in my bones.” ?

Well, at this level of knowing, your body feels the difference when living as an Embodied Soul.

“we connect with another, soul to soul .”



15 ways embodied interoception empowers you to thrive in our rapidly expanding world

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