Embodied Soul Coherency Meditation

Libby Outlaw

“Coherence in the fascial field is created by the unified, interconnected liquid crystalline matrix.”

Coherency is a state of wholeness. In physics, it refers to waves that are identical in their frequency and phases of peaks and troughs. The embodied experience of coherence is feeling your whole self has landed in the present moment with a sense of weight and abiding calm. You feel your auric kinesphere as an ever-expanding pool of peace.

The Coherency Meditation is a chakra-mapping meditation that expands a field of silence from core to distal in all dimensions.

It makes space for integrated awareness to arise in us. We have developed this over the last 20 years and have taught it to groups and individuals.

Bio-intelligent Fields don’t stop at our skin. They permeate the space all around us.This meditation explores these transitional spaces, how we occupy them and how we evolve our experience toward wholeness as embodied, coherent and substantive.

“I feel so BIG!

I feel my body and beyond it as well.

I experienced an expansion where I was one with everything.

Like a flower that is opening.

I became one with the universe.”

“Coherency is a state of wholeness. .”



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