Embodied Soul Biomatrix Healing

Libby Outlaw

“Coherence in the fascial field is created by the unified, interconnected liquid crystalline matrix.”

The Embodied Soul Biomatrix Healing

Our fascial network is the bridge between the body’s structure and it’s energy field.

It is a collagen matrix that contains and protects our organismic physical and energy fields.

When optimized, this field vibrates to your coherent, unified signature wave.

Everyone has a different fluid membrane balance in the cellular matrix. This balance gets disrupted with inactivity, repetitive movement, injury, illness, poor diet, stress and many other factors.

Healing is optimized when there is a balance of forces in your fascia. Then your tissues move in gentle pulsation of your signature bio-electric wave.

The Biomatrix Healing is hands-on or virtual bodywork of feather light touch that reactivates your body’s healing response.

“A wave of movement went through my body.”

“…as you moved up the chakras, the wave motion got ignited in my body, surges, tsunami, profound.”

“My feelings are moving….feel more joy, excitement, lightness, higher vibration.”

“I was the wave, vs riding the wave!”

The whole of the universe is but One living, breathing, pulsing Being.”  Walter Russell


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