What Is Evolutionary Somatics “Emergence Certification Program?”

Sri Aurobindo
Consciousness is a reality inherent in existence. Unveiling it is the secret will in Nature.”

The Universe has always been and is now evolving and so are we.

Emergence is an ongoing inquiry into who, with intention and heart, we can become.  Individually, we draw strength from the collective, just as each of us contributes to creating our collective health.  In this way, we contribute to the noosphere of evolutionary biointelligence. We are part of the whole story of cosmos. That is the ever-present umbilicus of our origin When we truly live as the embodiment of that, we become free to co-evolve in harmony with and as Nature.

Living systems adapt to change and grow new capacities. Unless they don’t.

One of our biggest challenges is living in a body that’s constantly changing but always reminding us about how we feel. How we react to our pain and suffering can become where we stop developing. If we revert to behaviors that no longer work in our best interest, we struggle to meet all the complexities of change. Faced with uncertainty, we tend to revert even more into intractable modes of coping.This is not sustainable.

When we get stuck in old ways of doing things, thinking and moving our bodies, we limit our potential for healthy adaptation to a constantly changing environment. Our vitality and physical health suffer. We get stuck repeating past patterns but, when the structures that hold those patterns in place begin to shift, we become fragile and we break.

Trauma reduces our ability to change.

We’re all born into a world of layer upon layer of unresolved collective trauma. Then we experience personal traumas that feed into a narrative we tell ourselves over and over. We become frozen in an unresolved autobiography. Our torsos freeze, our arms, legs and head feel disconnected from our core-vitality. We lose our sense of support from the earth and the undulating spine. We hold ourselves rigid in hyper-activation or we collapse in numb indifference.

Trauma also inhibits the expression of the natural evolution of our Self.

Not only are we meant to grow and change throughout our lives, we are meant to enact the expression of our core selves. This frozenness keeps us locked in our past stories and can actually change the way we perceive and experience ourselves in our bodies. Your whole body-mind shapes itself into the perception and perpetuation of that story. It’s encoded in the fascial layers and morphic fields of your body and  limbic-driven emotional reactions as well as the cortex of your brain.

“You are here as the vital phenomenon of you, in your creative power, participating in shaping the moment.”

Working with the whole-person

(including the coherent network that connects us to ourselves, the world and the deeper story of life itself), frees us to enact our true path.

Learn to work with the evolution of the whole-person through the portal of the fascial matrix. Fascia, especially as understood through the lens of biotensegrity, is  the missing link between our physical and energy bodies. It is the fabric that holds us together, keeps us connected (in ourselves, with ourselves, with others, and the greater whole).  Tiny microfibrils of collagen constantly create our fascial fabric in response to what we do and feel in the moment. We are always shaping ourselves.

We can unconsciously keep reshaping ourselves

based on past patterns or we can create something new. These tiny fibers, the threads of our fascial continuum, carry the energy of the present moment. They act as super-conductors. They are part of a vast communication network transporting new information encoded as coherent light.We experience this as revelation, creative insight, sensory brilliance and a sense of deep belonging (to name a few).

There is an upwelling of hope, the sense of an emergent healthy future and deep reverence as sacred pattern is revealed.   

Nothing else in your body changes faster than your fascial web. It is your body’s largest and most nerve-rich sensory organ. Fascia holds us, informs us, nourishes us and helps us adapt to constant changes. It’s actually the 4th state of matter, soft matter. It’s the repository of memory as well as a highly responsive, shape-shifting agent of change, if we know how to whisper her alive. The lightest touch on your skin reverberates in the fluid of your cells and the inner-most reaches of your psyche.

There is an upwelling of hope, the sense of an emergent healthy future and deep reverence as sacred pattern is revealed.”


Evolutionary Somatic’s Emergence Certification

You will learn how to whisper back the health of the fascial matrix.

Develop a fluid mesokinetic core and the ability to orient self-perception here.

Discover how fascial architecture supports moving equilibrium in all directions.

Read bodies to find directions of uneven pull and tension.

Understand and treat injury through the lens of movement and fascial morphology.

Learn a comprehensive and ever-evolving movement practice that supports optimum, individual fascial health.

Entrain fascial oscillation to the unique signature wave of your heart-field.

The Mother Mira Alfassa
“Evolution continues and man will be surpassed. It is for each individual to know whether he wants to participate in the advent of this new species. I belong to no nation, no civilization, no society, no race, but to the Divine.”

Emergence is also about our collective healing and evolution.

There is an equally important bio-physical-ecological-psycho-social-spiritual aspect to creating fascial health.

Because we are whole, it stands to reason that moving in a body that’s experiencing more supportive connections in our center and periphery while entrained to the rhythm of our own heart, creates great, gentle swells of safety, pleasure and bliss. This creates a ripe, embryo-ish field for us not to waste!

Knowing ourselves in this multidimensional context, including our architecture as sacred geometry and how we, as round, wet, pulsating living organisms live in harmony with form delivers a teaching on an archetypal level of Being.

We begin to understand how to adapt our existence to honor the way Nature teaches us to live.

How we align with the Three Biological Laws of Life becomes a question we live into.

Our on-going learning about how to co-evolve with Nature prepares the ground for us to reroot ourselves so that the soul, not the ego, can guide us to enact our embodied evolution.

This is a hallmark into the next phase of our maturation as a species.

Previously referred to as ‘conscious evolution’, it’s misleading (and ego-mentalcentric) to assume that this is just a phenomenon of the mind.

This is a full-spectrum, emergent phenomenon, none of us know much about.

We’re all here learning together. What we can say is that there are all sorts of sensory, perceptual and physical changes that happen as we embody evolutionary consciousness.

(In fact, in his opus on the evolution of consciousness, The Ever-Present Origin, Jean Gebser theorizes that 3D vision emerged as we did from the Dark Ages. If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it…)

Here are some of what we have actually experienced and will happily share …


  • Developing Haptic Perception to increase your perceptual bandwidth.

  • Creating coherence in individual and group fields.

  • Witnessing the flow of and time as ongoing and eternal.

  • Experiencing the freedom of space as shifting and intersecting planes, like sets slowly changing and revolving.

  • Working with intention, ceremony, chance means and art-based research to build novel, co-creative learning environments.

  • Developing the Kinesthetic Resonance to in-phase with Biospheric Intelligence and for Biomatrix Healing.

  • Creating from Embodied Evolutionary Enactment.

  • Rerooting to a timeless, soul-based self-sense through Embodied Dialogues.

There is not a roadmap for this territory. You are an explorer. We can guide you and give you your preliminary tools but, it is your experience that will be your teacher.


That is why this is not The Emergence Process. A process implies a series of changes done in a specific order, yielding a known result.

This is a practice, a way of life for people who engage in enacting their evolutionary embodiment.

You will have the skills to take ownership of your fascial health and awakening, to innovate, and, through trial and error, discover solutions that work best for you.

You’ll also learn new approaches to help your clients have less pain, heal trauma, and reduce anxiety.

Hopefully, your creative fire will be ignited and you will add to the larger creation story we are now writing.

In that way, your practice doesn’t end when the course ends. It becomes yours.

Healing and returning to wholeness, is what the body and Nature wants. We just need to learn how to get out of it’s way.

The Emergence Training and Certification Program is a 12 week combination virtual and in-person training, located in the heart of the Catskill Mountain Forest Preserve in Phoenicia NY.  Virtual training takes place March 8th- May 24th, 2020 with a 5 day residency in Phoenicia in mid-July. For more information be sure to add your name to our mailing list, below. If you have any questions, you can schedule a call with us here: Book121


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